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Empire Performance. Strength training and functional fitness

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Introducing a new gym concept, brought to you by Empire Health & Fitness. Based upstairs in a warehouse in Wheat Street, Nuneaton, this is a ‘Performance’ gym with a difference.

Empire Performance offers instructor-led sessions across a mixture of strength training, lifting, functional fitness and conditioning. It aims to focus on intensity, volume and technique. The sessions are designed to deliver varied, functional movement using a variety of weights and equipment to keep you engaged and motivated. 

The goal is to push you to your limits, with high intensity training. This is the most effective way to get and stay at your best!

The aims of Empire Performance is to add another dimension to training and extend the offer from Empire Health & Fitness. With a focus on intensive workouts via strength training, this provides a unique experience for the current customers of Empire Health & Fitness, and offers an attractive proposition for new members.

Initially there will be 3 classes:


Metcon’ is short for Metabolic Conditioning’. You can expect a high intensity full body workout. A fast-paced circuit based class to improve all aspects of fitness and performance. It will challenge strength, speed, power and cardiovascular capacity and send your metabolism through the roof to burn fat rapidly!

Core strength

A bodyweight approach to training with a gymnastics twist. A full body workout consisting of bilateral, unilateral, stable and unstable exercises designed to challenge your core strength, balance and co-ordination.

Functional lifting

Allows you to build strength, power and improve your performance. The structured sessions consist of Olympic lifting and compound movements, using a variety of barbells and dumbbells. This technique targets large muscle groups to produce maximum gains in performance.

Olympic Lifting

Allows you to build strength, power and improve your performance. The structured sessions are focused around Olympic lifting and accessory work to improve your ground to overhead strength, using a variety of equipment including barbells, dumbbells and kettlebells. 


 Here are the best packages on offer:


Membership price

Empire Performance Membership £49 per month (maximum of 4 sessions per week at Empire Performance only)
Book of 10 £59 (Empire Performance only)
Birthday Book of 10  £29.50 (New members only)
Single Session £7 (Empire Performance only)

All members must undertake A & B Foundation Course** This ensures all basics are covered before you start the sessions. Foundation Course A & B £15 per session.

Foundation 'A' needs to be completed before you can join onto any session. Foundation course consists of a minimum of 2 sessions, more sessions maybe required to ensure your safety. This is at the discretion of the trainer.

Minimum 3 month direct debit contract period, NO joining fee.

Opening Offer: Sign up & receive your foundation course FREE! Limited availability.

How to get involved!

To sign up online and purchase your Empire Performance membership here

  1. Create a username and password
  2. Click 'Online Store'
  3. Click 'Contracts'
  4. Select your chosen membership from the drop down box.
  5. Once your account is live, download the app to book and manage your sessions:

Android App

iOS App

Opening times

Weekdays: 6.15pm - 9.15pm

Weekends: 9am - 2pm  

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