Empire Performance

Looking for a new training style? The Empire Performance is for you!

Based upstairs in a warehouse in Wheat Street, Nuneaton, Empire Performance offers small group training, with coach-led strength and conditiong sessions suitable for beginners or experienced gym users a like.

Focusing on strength training, weight lifting, functional fitness and conditioning, our sessions deliver exercises with intensity, volume and technique using a variety of weights and equipment to keep you engaged and motivated. 

Join us now and push yourself to the very limits of your fitness limits. 


 We offer a variety of packages at Empire Performance:

Empire Performance Members

Membership Tier

Empire Performance Only

+ Empire Gym & Studios

All gyms

P2 (2 sessions per week) £29.99pm £15.00pm £44.99pm
P3 (3 sessions per week) £39.99pm £10.00pm £49.99pm
P4 (4 sessions per week) £49.99pm £5.00pm £54.99pm
BOOK OF 10 £59.00    
STUDENT SUMMER BOOK OF 10 (Proof of student i.d required) £39.00 + FREE Foundation Course    
JUNIOR BOOK OF 10 (For use at Family Sessions, age 12+) £39.00    

We are now offering 'Family Sessions' on Sunday's 12 - 1pm, adults must attend the session with the junior and participate. Adult must have either a membership or book of 10.

Have you tried our Empire Performance Bootcamp?

Empire Gym Members

Membership Tier

Empire Gym & Studios*

+ Empire Performance bolt on

All gyms

P2 (2 sessions per week) Current package price* £15.00pm Current package price + bolt on
P3 (3 sessions per week) Current package price* £20.00pm Current package price + bolt on
P4 (4 sessions per week) Current package price* £25.00pm Current package price + bolt on

*If you are a current Empire Gym & Studios member, this will be your current membership rate plus the Empire Performance bolt on.

All members must undertake A & B Foundation Course. This ensures all basics are covered before you start the sessions. Foundation Course A & B £15 per session.

Foundation 'A' needs to be completed before you can join onto any session. Foundation course consists of a minimum of 2 sessions, more sessions maybe required to ensure your safety. This is at the discretion of the trainer.

Minimum 3 month direct debit contract period, NO joining fee.

Limited Offer: Sign up & receive your foundation course FREE! Limited availability.

How to get involved!

To sign up online and purchase your Empire Performance membership here

  1. Create a username and password
  2. Click 'Online Store'
  3. Click 'Contracts'
  4. Select your chosen membership from the drop down box.
  5. Once your account is live, download the app to book and manage your sessions:

Android App

iOS App

Opening times

Weekdays: 6.15pm - 9.15pm

Saturday: 9am - 12pm

Sunday: 9am - 2pm 


Complimentary Session - Try a session in our welcome and motivating small group training venue for FREE!

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