Empire Performance Timetable

Do you like the way that Jason Fox, Kate Wright or Ant Middleton train? Then Empire Performance is the place for you!




Timetable as of 10th June 2019


18:15 - 19:15

19:15 - 20:15

20:15 - 21:15

Monday Met:Con Open Gym Functional Lifting / Open Gym*
Tuesday Functional Lifting Met:Con Peak Performance / Open Gym*
Wednesday Open Gym** Functional Lifting Met:Con
Thursday Met:Con Functional Lifting / Open Gym* Open Gym 12yrs +
Friday Met:Con Peak Performance / Open Gym* Met:Con / Open Gym*


9:00 - 10:00am

10:00 - 11:00am

11:00am - 12:00pm

12:00pm - 1:00pm

1:00pm - 2:00pm

Saturday Met:Con Functional Lifting
/ Open Gym
Peak Performance
/ Open Gym
Closed Closed
Sunday Met:Con

Functional Lifting

/ Open Gym

Core Strength

/ Open Gym

Family Session Age 12+ Open Gym

* Additional Open Gym Session start from the 8th April 2019

**Bootcamp runs in this slot at 6 week intervals. All sessions are coach led and must be booked via the Empire Performance App.


Metcon’ is short for Metabolic Conditioning’. You can expect a high intensity full body workout. A fast-paced circuit based class to improve all aspects of fitness and performance. It will challenge strength, speed, power and cardiovascular capacity and send your metabolism through the roof to burn fat rapidly!

Core strength

A bodyweight approach to training with a gymnastics twist. A full body workout consisting of bilateral, unilateral, stable and unstable exercises designed to challenge your core strength, balance and co-ordination.

Functional lifting

Allows you to build strength, power and improve your performance. The structured sessions consist of compound movements, using a variety of barbells and dumbbells. This technique targets large muscle groups to produce maximum gains in performance.

Peak Performance

A Structured session aimed at targeting all energy systems and your muscular system. This session will combine all aspects of fitness and will aim to improve mobility, build strength and challenge both your aerobic and anaerobic conditioning. The fastest way to develop your overall performance.

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