Member Competition - Be a winner!

Re-commit your membership for 12 months and have the chance to win a CASH prize!

Even more motivation to train... 3 cash prizes of £1,000 up for grabd throughout the year when you work out regularly. 

Will you be a winner? Sign up at Reception!


Terms & conditions – rules of play 

Re-commit your membership for 12 months and be in with a chance of winning a cash prize. 

Sign up on a 12 month DD contract to be entered into a draw to win a cash prize.

Sign up during May to be counted in the first draw, which starts in June. 

You can re-commit your contract at any time for 12 months, on your current rate, and will be entered into the next full window of the competition.

There will be 3 ‘windows’ in the competition (June, Oct, Feb), running over 4 months. Therefore there will be 3 ‘windows’ to sign up and join in. 

   o Join by 31st May 2017 to be entered into the first draw

   o Join by 30th Sept 2017 to be entered into the second draw

   o Join by 31st Jan 2017 to be entered into the third draw

You must swipe in your gym card at least 8 times a month from the first full month after you re-joined to remain in the competition.

You will only stay on the ‘winning list’ if you keep up your monthly DD payments, as per the change in your contract.

After the 4 month block, a winner will be drawn and win £1,000 cash. 

You will be re-entered into the next window of the competition, if you drop out of the current block. i.e. if you sign up in May, but don’t visit 8 times during July, you will be taken off the winners list, but will be
re-entered for the 2nd block starting 1st October. 

• Competition windows:

     o June, July, August, September (sign up by end of May to be counted in this block)

     o October, November, December, January (sign up by end of September to be counted in this block)

     o February, March, April, May (sign up by end of January ‘18 to be counted in this block)

Open to any DD member who is out of their initial 6 month’s minimum term at the start of a new monthly sign up window. 

Open to full paying DD members and excludes NBLT employees.

Amendment to contract.

You are changing your contact with Empire Gym & Studios. You are committing to a minimum of 12 monthly payments. After this time, should you wish, you can cancel your membership in writing with 30 days notice. 

For futher information contact Reception on 024 76400 500