Health and wellbeing

At Empire Gym & Studios, we believe you are what you eat! We offer nutritional advice, as part of your membership* to help you be the best you can be. It's about Empire & YOU!

Our aim is to offer complete support to your fitness, health and wellbeing journey. So, as part of your gym package*, our qualified firness instructors, can offer you nutritional advice to support your wellbeing and help you in achieving your goals.

Our approach

We advocate a healthy lifestyle through both exercise and eating. We can offer you practical hints and ideas to help you eat better, in order to look and feel fabulous, both inside and out!

Based on the principle of healthy, clean eating – it’s not about faddy diets or a quick fix! It’s simple, inspiring tips and ideas to help you gain a better relationship with food to support your overall wellbeing.

This will be taliored to your needs and your personal fitness journey. So whetever you want to bulk up, lose weight or maintain what you have.

Complement your existing training programme with nutritional support and your free personalised nutrition and exercise plan, to achieve the whole package from your membership.

* This is a free service as part of the Premium Gym package

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Look for further details on the information board on the gym floor and benefit from this free* service

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